Robot Cooperation

Robot cooperation is nowadays quite extended   and play a significant role for achieving important assesments such as: exploration and mapping, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, sensor networks, manipulation and transportation, etc.

Terrestrial and Aerial Robot cooperation    
Developing architectures and methodologies for achieving autonomous Aerial and terrestial robot cooperation enhances mission performances for: perimeter coverage,   patrolling, rescue operations, survillance, Agriculture management, etc.
The aim of this research-line concerns to study division of labour and task execution strategies, incorporating high level control, user supervision, etc.
    Space exploration
With the recent declarations of intent by spacefaring nations to return to the Moon and to send sample return missions to Mars, this research attemps to improve rover exploration that improves on automonous navigation for planetary exploration.
Networked robots for exploration    

Cooperation requires that robots exchange information in order to response acoording to the mission environment. To achieve this goal, it is essential to analyze how to develop robotic networks capable of efficiently sensing and actuation based on the scenario and mission requeriments.



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