CAWAS Project

The main objective of the CAWAS (Collision Avoidance and Warning Assistant based on Satellite )project is to design, prototype and evaluate a global approach to intelligent road vehicles which offers higher safety and added value services, where interactions between the driver, the vehicle and the information infrastructure are addressed in an integrated way. The system will produce a new telematic functionality on-board private and commercial vehicles, able to provide the driver with acoustic and visual warning messages in case of collision risk.

To fulfil this objective, the project will design and prototype a Collision Warning System based on GNSS, of wide range and omni-directional, allowing taking into account collision scenarios not considered in current systems. Using GNSS techniques, with local proximity sensors data fusion, the relative position and velocity determination precision of two or more moving motor vehicles in collision risk, in diverse meteorological conditions, will be significantly improved
A laboratory prototype composed of remote-controlled vehicles with on-board GPS receiver is being developed