The instrumented splint presents a suitable design by using polymeric piezoelectric sensors of reduced dimensions which do not produced disturbance in patients bite and by the use of advanced wireless communication technology to transmit the signals of events outward mouth. Use this ferule allows to evaluate intra-bucals press to diagnose the bruxism behavior in an early phase to do actions and prevent severe problems. We have accomplished simulations “in vitro” using a pneumatic test device and test “in vivo” that show the system viability according with the main aims.

The “in vivo” tests, done with the participation group of 12 integrants, allowed validating the use of the polymeric piezoelectric sensors for this application, as well as electronic signal based on standards restriction to use electronic systems in the human body, getting a dataset as a result of this test, which allow to analyze special characteristics of the bruxism behavior in order to development a definitive ferule.